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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Myspace stuff

Offers: free myspace stuff and other cool things like a pet myspace alien and a graffiti message board for profiles.

Submitted by Thom

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Offers: Users can fill out surveys/get answers for their profile. Can also add polls to their profile and create their own surveys and polls.

Submitted by Adam

Monday, May 15, 2006 - Your Myspace Resource

Everything; Myspace layouts, Myspace Generators, Myspace Codes, Myspace Graphics, Myspace Tweaks, Myspace Glitters, and MORE!

Submitted by Jeff

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Add myspace trains to your bookmarks

As I am getting a lot of websites submitted you can bookmark myspacetrains and check back regular:

Add to favorites | Bookmark !

Related myspace stuff

If you got a website or blog with MySpace Layouts, Generators, Codes or Tweaks. You can submit it and I will make a post. Just answer the questions

Submit your myspace related website

Myspace train owners

For all you myspace train owners you can promote your train by submitting it

Submit your myspace train

And a backlink would be highly appreciated.


A lot of ads but also a nice train.
Myspace Train - Myspace Friends

Friend Train: The friend

All you need is
myspace id
and post a bulletin


All you need is your myspace ID (=friend id) and a quote or message

My Space Whore Train Myspace Friends - Come and get more friends!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Myspace train thumbnail

This will be our thumbnail image to show you a post is related to a myspace train.

Add me as your friend

You could ofcourse

Add me as your friend

I could use a friend or two :)

For this train all you need is your friendid and display name.

Submit your myspace trains

Submit your Myspace train and I will make a post out of it.

Answer the following question in your email

1 Url of your myspace train?

2 Which information is needed (i.e. friendid, name, quote)?

3 your myspace name.

4 your current number of myspace friends (just for fun)

And sent your email to

What's your myspace friend ID

Where to find your Friend ID or MySpace id?

Your MySpace ID is an unique identifier which seperates you from all the other members of MySpace. To find your MySpace ID (or friend ID), Login to your account and on your home tab click "View My Profile", then inspect the URL of the page in the address bar of your browser. Your MySpace ID is situated after "&friendID=".

Your User ID will usually be a 7, 8, or 9 digit number:

Click image to see a detailed view
Ok now you know and hop on some trains.

Myspace train introduction


Myspace trains is your central station for all the myspace trains . You can add your train by emailing me. And I will post a link and a little description if necessary. So for all the myspace train owners this is another way to promote your train.

For visitors you can jump on each train and make some friends.

Along the way I will post more myspace related links (like myspace tweaks, myspace templates etc)

What is a myspace train?
First off you must know It's a so called social network where you meet people from your area in the country and keep in touch. Site includes blog, forums, email, groups, games and events.

A myspace train is also called friend train or a whore train :)

In general joining a myspace train will get you more friends. Little warning you don't know who you get for friends.

All you need is
  1. Your friendid
  2. your myspace name
  3. (quote)
  4. (post a bulletin)